Presenters 2019

Laura Antoniou


Laura Antoniou’s rambling publishing career started with creating and editing the groundbreaking gaming/ media magazine Gateways, back in the 80s, followed by her work on the People With AIDS Newsline for several years during those dark days. Now, she’s better known for her kinky erotica, especially for the Marketplace books, a series of BDSM themed noted for the diversity in the ensemble cast and well outside the tropes of romance novels. The Killer Wore Leather, her first mystery novel was a thinly disguised tribute to Bimbos of the Death Sun – except the convention being lampooned is a kinky gathering of leather enthusiasts. Her most recent releases include Silk Threads, a collaboration with fellow perverotti Cecilia Tan and Midori! She’s been teaching human sexuality topics for decades, but lately, she’s been combining her passions in a series of workshops themed “Get Your Freak On With Your Geek On,” because compartmentalism is annoying. and geeky sex is fun sex. She’s a knee-jerk, bleeding-heart, tax-and-spend, queer-as-possible Jewish feminist. Keep up with her or hit block/ignore at:,,

Surviving Your Relationship With an Evil Overlord; Things They Left Out at Minion School

Oh, sure, join up with a sexy evil mastermind and you think your life is set, right? Wrong! Drafted into anonymous Legions of Doom, sent first into the airshaft, perfectly understandably distracted by harem cuties or the Evil One Themselves, delivering the wrong message at the wrong time – it’s hard to be a henchmench in these troubled times! Good thing there are guides. Gather with your fellow cunning viziers, loyal lieutenants, mad scientists, captive monsters, scheming heirs and wry, laconic voices of reason to get the insider dirt on how to be the best underling, detail dude, cultish true believer, wily sycophant or any other Companion to Evil. Open to any orientation on the power and authority scales, because minion ≠ submissive.

Kinky, Schminky! Jewish Perspectives on That Thing We Do

Oh, sure, you’re way into kink. You know all the old stuff, fancy words, fancy techniques, ceremonies and flags, you’re know it all, right?
Not so fast. Do you know where to find the oldest recorded lifetime collaring ceremony? How to make a contract spelling out goals, responsibilities, rights and break-up instructions – in one page? Does moderation make the heart grow fonder? Can you name a minimum of 6 genders without consulting Tumblr? What happened when the rabbi cross-dressed and hid in a brothel to escape some bad guys?

The Jews have been discussing this stuff for literally centuries. Want some really OLD wisdom, humor, advice and quandaries made for generations of arguments, compromises and survival against the odds? Then what are you waiting for, bubbelah? Come on in, have a nosh, learn some Torah. There are worse things to do with your life.Your Mom is worrying about them all, right now.




Fetlife: Danarama

Twitter: @DanaramaSF

In his 25 years as a lifestyle Dom, performer, and BDSM educator, Danarama’s experience includes more than two years as Director of, one of the world renowned Two Knotty Boys rope bondage instruction duo since 1999, co-author of two best-selling rope bondage books, and rigger/director/performer in hundreds of BDSM instructional videos, including many free online bondage tutorials. In addition to rigging for hundreds of fetish photographers, Dan has also co-directed and performed as a Dominant for other websites including,,,, and

Microbondage: Playing the Strings

The fine art of microbondage involves tying someone (or yourself) with narrow gauge cordage. 2mm twine. Single-strand string. Even dental floss! Rope bondage is hot, but when the fibers get thinner, the the heat goes up. Microbondage is ideal for tying smaller appendages like fingers, toes, nipples, earlobes, any form of genitals, and extra-sensitive parts of the body that ordinary rope can’t touch! It escalates your options for sexy, secret, CBT, or sadistic bondage. In this hands-on (and feet-in) class, Danarama teaches you how to safely tie bondage using any tiny line of your choice. You’ll learn how to use microbondage for struggle-resistant predicament, humiliation, sexual, and decorative ties.

Coming with a partner is ideal, but it will be difficult to try tying most on yourself, and limited class time may not support switching practice with another partner. No singles turned away if they’re just watching. Beginners welcome, but intermediate level riggers will get the most out of this workshop. Please bring a bundle of “small rope” (yarn, twine, string, paracord, dental floss, or other thin materials). Tweezers and nail scissors are helpful.

Different Strokes: Advanced & Creative Caning

[See my Caning 201 video here on Kink university:]

There’s more to caning than meets the ass. Danarama shares dozens of innovative techniques for using canes in dynamic scenes, from playful and artistic to excruciating. Highlights include selecting canes and strokes for different folks, caning as warm-up, sensation sustaining, and aftercare, advanced tricks, Malaysian Caning Protocol and incorporation of other toys and vibes.


Elwood is a professionally trained and certified body piercer and body brander, scarification and suspension artist and photographer. He was trained in San Francisco, California by Fakir Musafar, (the father of the Modern Primitive and the man credited with bringing body piercing to the western world).

As an educator and body modification practitioner, Elwood is known for his humorous personality while educating audiences on a variety of classes and workshops. He is acknowledged for his vast knowledge of the history of body modification and practical safety.

Elwood has presented numerous workshops surrounding body modification and alternative lifestyle topics around the globe. His commitment to advanced safety within the body mod industry has also led him to becoming an educator to the Simon Fraser Health Authority, Coastal Health Authority, The Canadian Institute of Professional Health Inspectors, and the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Elwood has also been featured on Television with appearances on Shaw’s “Urban Rush”, Discovery Channel’s “Skin Deep”, TLC’s “Human Canvas: Sacred Skin” and on MTV Canada’s “Select”. Elwood has also been featured in various print mediums and radio interviews.

Elwood is also the Executive Director of Edgewalkers, an organization centered around the practice and provision of body based ritual in a tribal and community setting. For more information about Edgewalkers, contact Elwood directly.

Elwood is always happy to answer any questions or concerns about any body modification topic or by calling or texting 604.836.5013

Hook Rituals Through Time

Elwood will present a power point history of flesh hook rituals through time. Starting with the O-Kee-Pa in North America and going through to modern flesh hook ritual and artistic presentations, this presentation is a journey through time, and a perfect set up for anyone who is drawn to doing flesh hook rituals like hook pulls and suspensions.

Ritualistic Hook Pull

(50 members max)

You must preregister for this class as there is limited availability. Please register through this link

Elwood and his team will facilitate a flesh hook pull. This pull will be dedicated to the memory of Fakir Musafar, one of the people responsible for bringing this ritual to North America.

Jennifer Erickson and Dr. Brad Sagarin

Jennifer Erickson is a graduate student in the Social/Industrial-Organizational Psychology program at Northern Illinois University. Her primary research interests include the motivations for the voluntary experience of pain, altered states of consciousness, extreme rituals, and sadism. As part of the Science of BDSM research team, Jen has presented workshops at many locations, including the Southwest Leather Conference, Master/slave Conference, Great Lakes Leather Alliance, Kinky Kollege, and Galleria Domain 2. Jen received her Baccalaureate degree in psychology from Northern Illinois University.

Dr. Brad Sagarin is a professor of social and evolutionary psychology at Northern Illinois University and the head of the Science of BDSM Research Team ( Brad’s research focuses on human sexuality, consensual BDSM, statistics, and research methods. Brad has been published in a variety of scholarly journals, has given radio and podcast interviews, has consulted for radio and television programs, and has delivered invited lectures to academic and non-academic organizations. His research has been cited in newspapers and magazines, including The Economist and New Scientist. He holds Doctorate and Master’s degrees in Social Psychology from Arizona State University, and a Baccalaureate degree in Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The Science of BDSM

Scientists have begun to place BDSM under the microscope, producing theories that range from the insightful to the ridiculous. “The Science of BDSM” will explore the history of scientific research on BDSM, from early attempts by psychiatrists to pathologize sadism and masochism, to recent work by social scientists to understand the popularity of BDSM fantasies and activities, the demographics of BDSM practitioners, the hormonal effects of topping and bottoming (including research conducted at Thunder in the Mountains in 2002!), and the altered states of consciousness that BDSM activities can sometimes produce. The workshop will include a preview of studies currently underway and an open discussion of the directions you think BDSM research should go.


Thunder is very pleased to announce the return of FifthAngel! He first taught at Thunder way back in 2002. A well-known international presenter and author, he literally wrote the book on the use of pressure points in BDSM. He and his wife Katie are best recognized for their spiritual connection in their scenes. Over the years he has judged leather contests, founded MAsT Jacksonville, traveled extensively teaching hundreds of BDSM classes, written two books, contributed to other BDSM books, written numerous articles and has even been on the receiving end of the camera for professional photographers in BDSM. And you may have heard that he can be a bit sadistic at times.

The Impact of BDSM

This will be a stark and unnerving look into the life of FifthAngel and his wife. Learn about the chilling struggles that come with being a sadist and public BDSM educator. They will be talking about what really caused him to depart from the public BDSM scene as well as his reasons for returning. We will be discussing the harsh impact BDSM can have on spouses, family and professional careers. This class is dedicated to his friend Rich Dockter.

Suturing – Bringing Fantasy to Reality

At the distant boundaries of needle play and piercing is the intense practice of suturing. The cutting edge of fear, fantasy and reality collide in this expressive and artistic play. Perhaps pushing the limits of safety, suturing is one of the unsurpassed ways to combine sex and horror. FifthAngel will be demonstrating some of the more advance ways in which suturing and eroticism can be combined.

Mark Frazier

Mark Frazier has been involved in the Leather and Kink Lifestyle for almost 30 years and is passionate about and sharing community history and experiences.

Mark has had the privilege of owning several leather and gay nightclubs, being a Leather Titleholder, sitting on numerous board of organizations and holding memberships on numerous prominent local, regional and international organizations.

Through the years Mark has been honored with many local, regional, international and lifetime achievement awards and accolades.

Mark currently resides in Palm Springs.

Scrotal Infusion

Saline scrotal infusion is the process of using saline to enlarge the scrotum. For players who enjoy sensation play and cbt, it offers an enhance target and sensation area. 

The presentation will concentrate on the use of saline and offer hands on instruction. We will discuss the sterile use of the material, materials needed, processes used, desired enlargement size and after care. 

The presentation will also talk about safety concerns before and after the infusion.

Saline scrotal infusion is the process of using saline to enlarge the scrotum. For players who enjoy sensation play and cbt, it offers an enhance target and sensation area. 

The presentation will concentrate on the use of saline and offer hands on instruction. We will discuss the sterile use of the material, materials needed, processes used, desired enlargement size and after care. 

The presentation will also talk about safety concerns before and after the infusion.

Impact and Rough Body Play

Rough body play: can include punching, smacking, kicking, and all things body-on-body  Impact play can include the use of instruments into the scene.

Although RBP and impact play are 2 completely different types of play, the can be easily merged in a combined play scene.

The class will discuss strike zones. safety concerns and aftercare.

Hardy Haberman

Since the mid-70’s Hardy has been an active in the leather community and a member of many BDSM/Fetish organizations including Dallas Motorcycle Club, Leather Rose Society, NLA-Dallas, Discipline Corps and a founding member of Inquisition-Dallas. Considering himself a “Pain Technologist” he specializes in CBT and has an unusual fondness for clips clamps and clothespins, as well as more esoteric SM play.

He is a gay activist, author & speaker on aspects of the SM/Leather scene. His books “The Family Jewels, A guide to male genital play and torment”, “More Family Jewels”, Playing with Pain” And “Soul of a Second Skin” and “Shouts in the Wilderness, Daily Meditations for Leatherfolk” are available on

He currently serves as Chairperson of the Woodhull Freedom Foundation in Washington, DC. Since April, 1995, he and his boy Patrick have been living together in Dallas with a variety of feline companions.

Putting the Sex Back in SM

Oh, sure, join up with a sexy evil mastermind and you think your life is set, right? Wrong! How many times have you heard someone say that “BDSM isn’t about sex”. That’s because they are doing it wrong. To miss the erotic aspects of SM is to lose the full impact of the experience. The class will discuss ways to create a more erotic experience from SM play and ways to enhance sexual aspects of the scene. Additionally the class will explore why sex doesn’t have to be “Part A” into “Part B” to be enjoyable!

Not for the shy or easily embarrassed.

Ass Play and the Joys of Anal Orgasms

For men and women this class will explore anal experiences outside of traditional sex. Fingers, toys, hands, etc. are all viable tools for exploration of hot and intense anal play. Hygiene and safety will be discussed and there will be participation both Top and bottom. If you wish to join in, please consider cleanliness. (wink wink)

Lee Harrington

Lee Harrington is an internationally known spiritual and erotic authenticity educator, gender explorer, eclectic artist and award-winning author and editor on human erotic and sacred experience. He’s been traveling the globe teaching and talking about sexuality, psychology, faith and desire, and believes you deserve passion and connection in your life. His books include “Playing Well With Others – Your Guide to Discovering, Exploring and Negotiating the Kink, Leather and BDSM Communities” (with Mollena Williams), “Sacred Kink – The Eightfold Paths of BDSM and Beyond,” “Shibari You Can Use – Japanese Rope Bondage and Erotic Macramé,” and “Traversing Gender – Understanding Transgender Realities,” amongst many others. Lee has been a passion instigator, academic, adult film performer, world class sexual adventurer, outspoken philosopher, polytheist priest/ess, kink/bondage expert, and has been blogging about sex and spirit since 1998. Read more about Lee at

Desired Object, Forgotten Object: Erotic Objectification for Animists

In the erotically adventurous world, a lot of conversation has been batted about concerning the idea of objectification and its supposed partner humiliation. However, for those of us who believe objects have souls, things have value, and the earth itself is not something to be thrown away when we are done with it, how does this dynamic between human and human-object shift? Let’s discuss how our interactions with a human table change for those of us who look at tables as more than wood? Can we apply our desire to create lasting relationships with our human-objects to creating lasting relationships with the non-human-objects in our world as well? In a world where everything has a soul, we will look at whether humiliation has a place in the language of objectification and dive into our own ethics while examining our objects of desire.

Inner Monsters (Bottoms Only): Delving Into the Darkness of Our Desires

In a world where dark fantasy has been sanitized into “Safe, Sane, and Consensual,” how do we address the truths of some of our more terrifying and terrible erotic desires if they go beyond the limits of what is considered “okay” by even our community? How do we look at ourselves in the mirror after we have been ripped apart emotionally and physically, and how can we see our partners who did it to us as the same loved ones we need to live our life at large with? What do we do when our Tops comes to us with their own demons to be exorcised in the bedroom or dungeon, and those things scare us or turn us on and we are unsure if that makes us bad people. This is a closed-group, no late entry, discussion for Bottoms only (Switches may attend but only speak from their experience as Bottoms). We will examine our own inner monsters, discuss our fears and desires, and look honestly into the mirror and wonder – if we feed the monster, will it consume those we love… or if we starve it, will it eat us whole?

Jack HammerXL

Jack HammerXL has been in the adult industry since 2009. He started as a bottom for He is the former director for Insex’s website, assistant director, model, and grip for, and handler, photographer and grip for He has also modeled for Pink and White Productions, Heavenly Spire, Dark Horse,

He currently is directing for his upcoming website and has begun teaching rope seminars.

Jack has also appeared in numerous nominated scenes and feature films throughout his career. He also does live suspension bondage performances.

Torture Ties

In my opinion, torture ties are built off of a basic tie. For example; you have someone in a box tie and I’ll let them sit on their knees once I’ve tied the tie and walk away. I’ll let them sit there and settle into the rope. Then I will add another piece of rope, but this time make that piece tighter. I keep adding and building until I feel the bottom is close to their threshold, and then I will back off, take off some pieces of rope and re-position them and start all over. It’s a give and a take and a sense that the bottom is giving the opportunity to be tied and the top takes that gift and feeds off the energy. The top will return it with pain and pleasure. I’ve learned though, that some people can’t handle that. It can be a learning experience and transformative. The mental and physical connection between the top and bottom is the main focus of this style, to create a deeper sense of intimacy.

Predicament Bondage for Sex

Students will learn three ties that can be used to incorporate sex or torture. They will also learn to use vibrators and dildos for pleasure or torture. Students should have a basic knowledge of box ties, frog ties, single and double column ties.

Athena Kali

Athena Kali is a sadist and rigger from New York who delights in tormenting and teasing her squirming prey for your perving pleasure. Together with pets and co-presenters Icarus and Ruin, classes from this dynamic team focus on empowering people with the tools of control, connection, female-led relationships and rope to create kink that satisfies, fulfills, and lasts. Presenting at 100’s of events across the U.S. in the last 8 years, Athena and her pets bring hands-on classes and events that focus on buildings blocks for all bodies, genders, and configurations, and a kink style equal parts love, torture, and creativity.

Living on the Edge: Better Orgasms Through Denial

Have you ever wanted to give your partner an incredibly intense orgasm? Have you ever wanted to torture your partner by bringing them to the very edge of an orgasm and then laughing while they squirm and beg? If so, this class is for you. Athena Kali will demonstrate the fine art of edging on not one but TWO male demo bottoms, and use the squirming and begging parts to share what’s been most effective for them during their years of experience edging. Come ready for a hands-on, fun, and participatory class with real tips and creative ideas for you to try. This class focuses on cock and ball orgasm-denial but your creative application to other types of pervy parts is always welcome.

Inventing Power

You would like to have a deep sense of powerful, dominating energy in your scenes – but you’re not sure how to make it happen. This class will cover techniques for finding your powerful style as a dominant, top, or powerful bottom (but not bratty behavior, that’s another class!) using specific body mechanics, positions during a scene, voice coaching, and assessment of what triggers the feeling of ‘being powerful’ or ‘being small.’  You don’t have to be a 6ft tall dude, in high femme, or decades into your kink to be powerful – come find your power in scenes no matter who you are.

Daddy D Love

Instagram: @fellafem

A San Francisco Bay Area native; non-binary leather person, mother, Ma Pa (grandparent), teacher, sadist, artist, performer, emcee and event producer. They were awarded woman of the year by the San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance in 2017, was the first to receive the non-binary award with Mir Bilodeau 2016, and Sainted by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence as “Saint Motor Boat” for exceptional community service. Stela served as co-producer of Ms SF Leather 2017, Ms. San Francisco Leather 2016, Vice President of Queer Sphere for two years, and event/entertainment producer for the Playground at Folsom Street Events for three years. They were 1st runner up at IMsL 2017. Stela is proud to be a co-producer and emcee for Russian River Women’s Weekend. Also, Women Of Drummer’s Northwest regional coordinator and co-emcee. They are wickedly skilled as a leather person, traveling the world teaching workshops, judging contests, and performing. This notorious gender-bender entertains while opening our hearts and minds to all aspects of gender.

Rattling Gender Constructs

This lecture and group discussion course deals with the ever changing climate of gender and all its diversity. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you did not know what pro-nouns to use? Gender identity is internal. It is, simply, the gender with which you identify. It’s the word (or words) that you could use to describe yourself that simply make sense to you. It is deeply-rooted, and a central part of many people’s sense of self. How do we brake old gender constructs and make safe space. We will explore the diversity of gender and all its fluidity.

Long Term Poly and Transparency

This is a class participation workshop. One partner, two partner, three and so on. How do you manage multiple relationships and make sure everyone’s needs are met? Topics include but not limited to; Polyamory (Poly), Triads, Quads, Hierarchical Versus Non-Hierarchical Relationships, Primary/Secondary Partner(s), Nesting Partner(s), Relationship Anarchists, Radical Honesty, Compersion, Fluid-Bonding, needs and limits.


Website: Rope Bondage Dojo

Midori is a renowned educator and writer on sexuality. Dubbed “the super nova of kink” by Dan Savage, she emerged from the Sex Positive Movement in San Francisco in the early 1990’s, soon becoming a much sought after international presenter on sexuality, personal fulfillment and kinky adventures.

Founder of ForteFemme: Women’s Intensive, Midori leads workshops, lectures, and weekend intensives as well as educational and arts programs to enhance creative living, fulfillment, and collaborative leadership from the bedroom to the boardroom. Through her programs, thousands of attendees of all genders and orientations have tapped into greater joy, confidence, consent, & personal accountability in their lives.

Her decades of Sex Positive instruction started in the 90’s through HIV education and Smarter Sex outreach. Since then she’s authored many books and articles, including “The Wild Side of Sex” and “Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage” the first English language instruction book on Shibari.

Midori is also a passionate multidisciplinary artist She has presented at TEDx SoMa, curated a large event at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, and continues to exhibit her art internationally. She is currently available for private coaching as well as leading personalized, private tours of her home country, Japan.

To learn more about her, visit:

Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Vimeo – @PlanetMidori
FetLife – Midori

PlanetMidori Podcast Diary

Resource List:
PDF Download Click Here

Monsters & Shadows

There’s something monstrous lurking in the corner of your consciousness… How often have you ignored it?

Have you felt darkness welling up from somewhere deep? Like an all-consuming grief…

Have you denied yourself uncivilized thoughts and chosen the sensible way? What would happen if you faced your monster directly? That within us which craves to devour or be devoured has profound powers beyond surface comprehension. This can fuel our erotic selves and empower our daily lives. Become a fountain of creative energy and source of authenticity.

Part spoken word, part workshop, engage in this challenging conversation as Midori shares stories and strategies. Be brave, take the challenge and try the exercises – it won’t be comfortable but it’ll be fun and so very worth it.

Exquisite Whip: A Hands-On Flogging

Improve your flogging skills!

Whether you’re a total novice or already confident with a flogger, there’s plenty for you in this unique and very active class. Enjoy drills on techniques to deliver powerful, effective sensations without top-fatigue. Sharpen your finesse and precision to create the desired sensual, sexual and emotional effects. Midori shares with you a uniquely connected “California” style of flogger use.

You’ll learn how to select the best flogger for your style and body type. Bring your floggers. The more the merrier!

Mistress Bliss

Mistress Bliss is a play slut and gleeful lifestyle FemDom. She hosts Jiffy Kink Speed Dating (and the Jiffy Kink Pick Up Play Party) with the mission of multiplying joy by facilitating new kink connections. Bliss is affiliated with Care PDX, a transformative justice organization, that is in service to Portland’s BDSM scene by providing support to the community in and around instances of harm. Outside of kink she is a negotiator and business person. Bliss frequently speaks on negotiation (both vanilla and kink), consent, diversity, and innovation.

Jiffy Kink Speed Dating

A fun, facilitated, low stakes event hosted by Mistress Bliss designed to help kinky folks meet new friends and potential play partners. Come prepared to meet people across the gender and kink spectrum. Bring your kindness, curiosity, and eagerness to meet new friends!


Raised in the womb of Colorado’s mountain majesties, Nil is a trans non-binary, queer witch, rope bender, and curator of spiritual-sexual synchrony. Nil is of both the earth and the celestial, carved from the rigid geometry of crystal formations, and cradled in the craters of the moon. They are consecrated as one with the mystic and the erotic, interweaving the sacred into practice and play, and are a proud purveyor of all things creepy and Nil first found love in the natural fibers of a well-spun rope while at Girl Scout camp, and they’ve been tying ever since. Nil appreciates all ends of the rope as a rigger, self-suspender, and artistically masochistic bottom. Always a crystal in one hand and rope in the other, Nil regards kink as the ultimate artistic catharsis and uses their craft to banish gender, fracture binaries, and conjure queerness to challenge the norm. As an advocate for infiltrating the kink community with radical expressions of gender and identity, Nil endeavors to surge the presence of queer and non-normative bodies in BDSM culture.

Nil is currently pursuing a PhD in Human Sexuality and believes in the power of knowledge within sex-positive spaces. Whether in a group workshop or a one on one exchange, Nil will arm you with their arsenal of BDSM geek-ery. By daylight, Nil works as a Sex Therapist and Queer Educator. Nil is the founder of Knotty Queers, a Denver based monthly rope education group with a mission to centralize queer voices in rope and BDSM education.

They host workshops and curate performances locally and nationally about queer inclusivity, working with energy and magic in play, conscious kink, and modifying rope work for queer and trans bodies.

Herbal Aftercare

After all the fun is done, how do you bounce back? Come explore a wide range of herbal allies to help with the many shades of aftercare, from welts and bruising to emotional drop and processing. This Herbal 101 class will introduce you to the process of selecting the right herbs for relief of common physical and emotional aftercare needs. We will discuss aftercare needs of both tops and bottoms, as well as some commonly forgotten areas of recovery. By exploring the uses of salves, teas, tinctures, healing baths, flower essences, and more, you will leave with the tools to begin incorporating the healing properties of herbs into your aftercare so you can regain balance and care for yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

The Vulnerable Dominant

Models for aggression and firmness as an avenue for dominance are abundant. This class complements traditional dominant archetypes by offering ways in which tenderness and connection can empower and heighten dominance. Through a series of demonstrations and exercises, Nil will offer ways in which dominance can embody vulnerability and power simultaneously to create scenes that are intimate, complex, and transformative. Learn techniques for using intentional dominance to increase in scene connection and post scene care that welcome honesty and engagement and evoke powerful submission.

Papa Bear

Papa Bear has a background in education, and in 2010 he started a new career path leading into the ever-exciting realm of Sexual Health. He has worked for one of the largest ASOs (AIDS Service Organizations) in the nation focusing on STI & HIV Risk Reduction, Linkage to Care, Outreach, Sexual Health Counseling, STI Testing, and as a statewide PrEP coordinator. Papa Bear currently works as a Public Health Program Coordinator for a Non-Profit health care center continuing his work in Sexual Health. With a focus on STI & HIV Prevention and Care, and as a member of the BDSM Community as a Daddy, Dominant, Sadist and more, he has made it a personal mission to bring Sexual Health Education to the BDSM Community combatting the difficulties people in the scene face getting proper medical care due to fear of stigma or shaming.

Consensual Non-Monogamy and Your Sexual Health

In this presentation we will look at the aspects of sexual health as related to the consensually non-monogamous community. This community is often overlooked when it comes to STI and Sexual Health Outreach. With stigma based in misinformation, and slut shaming, the personal judgments from people in the medical field as well as our own families can increase the difficulty in finding quality medical care and accurate information. With new trends developing, more people are embracing a non-monogamous dating life than ever before and are in need in the tools and information to help them find the care they deserve.


Robert is very passionate about my D/s Lifestyle, Japanese Rope Bondage, sex and sexuality. He started his studies in the lifestyle in Germany. He spent time learning from others in Mexico, Canada, and U.S. He also studied with Osada Steve in Japan. While there, he learned techniques of Japanese Rope Bondage & Art and increased his knowledge of rope and its use in binding the human body.

Robert loves working with rope bondage, bondage with impact play, D/s and M/s. He has spent the last several years teaching rope bondage classes in our own studio in Colorado, Robert has taught in many clubs and groups. Just to name a few: Labyrinth, Denver Harbor, Denver Sanctuary, PEP (People Exchanging Power, Denver), SKALES, Enclave (now closed) and The Hallow in Colorado Springs. Robert has also Presented in Colorado at the Sex Show in Denver, Colorado, The Ascension Fetish Ball in Colorado Springs, Exile in Denver Colorado and The Ball, Cirque Du Grivois; is a Non-Profit Organization that produces eclectic avant-garde fundraisers to benefit the LGBT community. He has taught at several different out of state events: C.O.P.E. in Central Ohio, Kinky Karnival In Kansas, Bound in Boston, Rocky Mountain Olympus Leather in Las Vegas, Thunder on the Mountains in Colorado and PEP in Wyoming.

Rope and Wax

Rope, bondage, partial and complete suspension and wax. In fact, this kind of play leans towards the intermediate or advanced end of the BDSM scale.
Mostly because it can lead to some serious, and even permanent damage if not practiced correctly since you are having hot wax dripped or pored over the body.

*what kind of wax.
*the different temperature of different waxes and colors.
*different ways to remove the wax from your bottom.
*how to prep the skin surface of your bottom.
*different ways to apply the wax.
*Will have a table and test station available with the different waxes on it.

Materials to bring to class: note pad, and a fun attitude.

Rope and Bamboo

This is a demonstration Class with varied forms of erotic fantasy, starting with the capture and then using some of the Semenawa techniques (“Japanese torture”).

Altered to our sadistic, erotic and rough fantasies, we will include rope, bamboo, and stones in conjunction with partial and full suspensions. This style of bondage is amassing for those of us that participate in this fascinating craft and art form.

Using our rope and incorporating many torturous techniques, which have a deeply sexual and erotic component at its core, we are going to create very strong expressions with intense emotions, and beautiful sensations of pain and pleasure for our bottom.

This class will elevate your bondage into a totally different experience for both you and your bottom. You will see different types of rope used, some different harnesses used, and how to add bamboo and stones into your bondage. Reviewing the where’s and how’s in the placement of your rope, bamboo, and stones to maximize the effect of rope and bamboo.

Stefanos & Shay

Website: Stefanos and Shay

Stefanos & Shay ( are a vivacious, unconventional D/s couple whose entertaining, information-packed classes have been called “better than a Vegas act.” They identify as pansexual polyamorous playsluts, purveyors of perversion, and alliteration
fetishists! They are based in San Francisco, where they host over 60 events a year (including BENT, Twisted Windows, Master’s Den, Self-Suspension Open Space, & Bondage-a-Go-Go) and were named King & Queen of Pervert’s Prom in 2006!

Shay is a medical professional by day, education director for Dark Odyssey – Surrender and writer/creator of bondage safety repository by night, as well as a prominent self-suspender known for unique, dynamic rigs and prodigious performances.
Stefanos is all kink all the time as DM & CEO of Bondage-a-Go-Go, event manager at the SF Citadel, and Producer/Steward of The Upper Floor on Together they have performed, presented, and hosted around the country and internationally.

Fight Back: Resistance Play

The “illusion of non-consent” is one of the most common types of kinky fantasies, but devilishly hard to harness in a controlled scene. This class will give an overview of the physicality, techniques, and psychology of resistance play. Negotiation specific to this type of scene and basic risk awareness and mitigation will be covered, in addition to tips and tricks, specific physical methods for taking and surrendering control, pressure points, incorporating (easy!) bondage, and more.

Paint it Red: Blood Draws for Play & Ritual

Blood is powerful stuff, and harnessing this in scene can bring a new level of spirituality to your play, be used to command primal fear in your partner… or, hell, you can just use it as fingerpaint!

This class has three sections. First, Shay, a phlebotomy expert, will discuss the technical how-to of obtaining blood using butterfly needle sets. This will include brief information and demo on negotiation, safety considerations, and practical tips and tricks. The second section will deal with what to DO with that beautiful blood, including a demonstration of a blood ritual scene. Finally, Stefanos & Shay will allow time for guided practice.

Supplies for in-class use will be provided. If you’d like to practice, you should come to this seminar with an enthusiastically consenting partner. This class is NOT full or formal phlebotomy trainingit’s only an hour and a half, after all! The instructor’s perspective is focused on risk mitigation and harm reduction, and inspiration regarding the spiritual and D/s sides of blood play. It is assumed that you will come into this class with knowledge of sharps handling, bodily fluid containment, setting up a clean zone, glove
use, etc – these foundational topics will not be covered.

Self-Suspension: From floor to flying*

This class is limited to 20 people only.  You must pre-register otherwise you will not be accepted into the class.  If the class is full we will accept a limited number of wait list individuals.  There will be material that you will need to supply yourself for this class which is listed on the website, as well as Shay will contact each of the 20 individuals registered before the class to ensure you have the proper material.  Should this class not get enough individuals, we reserve the right to cancel the class due to lack of interest.

You don’t need a top to fly! Self-suspension can be used for meditation, athletic dynamic movement, exploring bondage masochism, a tool for learning as a rigger, and more. After a discussion of general principles and safety considerations specific to self-suspension, Shay & Stefanos will lead the class through self-tying a
basic chest harness and hip harness. Participants with adequate rope experience will then be guided through a basic face-up self suspension, with a possible transition to an inversion.

Supply requirements can be found here, info on pre-reqs for the class can be found here!

* Special limited availability class. Please make sure you can commit to the 3.5 hour class length and fulfill the pre-reqs before registering here


Born 24 September 1955. Ann grew up in the San Francisco area. She was a flutist and an art composer. Ann graduated with a Double Major in flute performance and music composition from both University of Redlands (B.M.) and Mill’s College (M. A.) Ann moved to Los Angeles in 1979 and was a member of the Independent Composer’s Association. She’s a mother of two (a boy and girl), a grandmother of four (2 boys and 2 girls). Ann owned a small business, Merrymaking Children’s parties from Possibility to Reality, doing upgrade custom children’s parties in Los Angeles while she raised her children. Since November 2005, she has a porn career under the name of “Robin Pachino”. She has an educational BDSM site, She offers her submissive service professionally by appointment via web cam. She has and continues to do erotic art, BDSM and fetish modeling for some of the world’s best photographer’s. subMissAnn was trained by PonyMistress Rebecca, and was given her pony name, Beauty, by her. Beauty has participated in Folsom Fair since 2007. They share the North American Pony/Trainer 2009 leather title. subMissAnn is a published contributor to Equus Eroticus Magazine and the author of “Pony Play with subMissAnn”. subMissAnn has been a presenter at Beyond Leather, Brimstone, Black Rose, Camp Crucible, Desire – Leather Women Unleashed, DomConLA, GLLA, IMsL, Kinky Kollege, Leather & Leis, Mr & Ms International Olympus, Sin-In-The-City, Threshold, Lair de Sade, LADs, Club X, and Thunder in the Mountains. subMissAnn produces EQUUS International pony Play Event and the North American Pony/Trainer Leather title. She considers herself to be truly blessed to have excellent health; to be able to hike with her dog, Kelly, to take in the beauty of this earth; to have positive supportive friends/family she enjoys being with and is inspired by; to be free to create, to be pervy, sexy, kinky and deviant worthy of discipline every day.

Speed and Precision Games

Pony Up and get your joy on! Participate in Flag Race, Rope Race, Ball and Cone Race and Pyramid Race. Oh yes, we are going to have fun! Whinny! No experience needed. If you don’t have a bridle, bring a 30′ piece of rope and I will make a bridle out of it for you.

Grooming and Aftercare Pony Play

This workshop explores all the techniques of grooming your human Pony. subMissAnn discusses establishing a connection with your Pony before practice/training sessions and how to do that. She will demonstrate techniques of showing your Pony positive reinforcement. This workshop also explores AfterCare of your Pony, techniques and skills required to be effective and thorough in taking care of your Pony after your active pony play is done. All Ponies who want to be Groomed and massaged are welcome.

Lolita Wolf


Lolita Wolf is a native New Yorker, who discovered the BDSM scene back in the late 80’s when “online” meant being on the phone sex lines. She is an activist who defends the sexual freedom for all consenting adults, spreads the word about BDSM, sex and poly, and helps the community grow and flourish. Yet, her goal remains “to have fun.”

Lolita has many specialties including bondage, impact play of all sorts, hot wax, fire play, poly relationships, social skills, communication and negotiation, CBT, violet wands, etc. Lolita has presented workshops for organizations and events across the country, including TES, GMSMA, Black Rose, Living in Leather, South Plains Leatherfest, Thunder in The Mountains, Portland Kinkfest, Frolicon, Dark Odyssey and many others. She has also presented seminars at Columbia, Yale, NYU, Bard and Rutgers Universities. She is well-known for a fun and entertaining style that packs a lot of information into a short class.

Lolita is an Emeritus Board Member of The Eulenspiegel Society (TES) and was a founding board member of Leather Leadership Conference. She is a former Chair of Lesbian Sex Mafia and was one of three women names as honorary member of GMSMA. She spent many years active with National Coalition for Sexual Freedom and Leather Pride Night. Her awards include the 1996 and 2000 Northeast Region Pantheon of Leather award, 1996 NLA Order of Merit award, 1997 NLA Lifetime Achievement award, Gloria Brame’s Kinky Hall of Fame award, the 1998 Barry Douglas Community Service award, the 1999 DefendersNY Founders Award, the 2000 LA&M Leatherfolk to Watch Out For, the 2001 Black Rose Vaughn Keith National Educator Award and the 2002 Diabolique Ball Community Service Award. Lolita was honored to be a Judge for International Ms. Leather in 1995, and International Mr Leather in 2013. She has keynoted at Beyond Vanilla 2001, SM Odyssey’s Folsom Fringe 2007 and IMsL 2015.

She was the first International Little Miss Littles in 2010. Her writing has appeared in On Our backs, Prometheus and Tristan Taormino’s Ultimate Guide To Kink.

A six year old Princess who lies about her age, Lolita manages to stir up shit and get her own way (most of the time). She is part of a far-ranging leather family and considers herself a versatile opportunist. Her day job is Manager/Buyer of Purple Passion/DV8 in NYC  she/her/Sir!

Kidz Rule! Age Play For Consenting Adults

Age Play is fantasy role play where the reality of your and your partner’s (or partners’) age and/or gender does not matter. We are talking about consenting adults here – this is not about pedophilia! Age play can be for a scene or can be incorporated into a 24/7 relationship. It might include sex, D/s SM or not. Come and learn how to be a kid again! Or how to relate to someone who likes to be a kid! For this class, we will do some arts & crafts making tails to play pin (staple) the tail on the human donkey!

Single Tails – The Epitome of SM

This sexy activity can range from delicate to cruel. Lolita will speak about using a whip for play, different types of whips, the physics of whip motion, buying a whip and the cleaning and caring of your whip. A demo will cover the dynamics of a whip scene from negotiation through aftercare. Bring your whip, because we will have some hands-on!